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Neath Scout Activity Centre

The John Leitz Training Ground, Cadoxton, Neath

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Web accessibility means enabling people to view a web page the way they wish to view it with the equipment that they have available. In other words, making sure that as many people as possible can use a website, irrespective of physical impairment (such as loss of sight or restricted mobility), cognitive disability (such as dyslexia), or limited English language. It also means ensuring a website works on the broadest possible range of computer hardware and software, and its use does not depend on having the highest specification equipment or latest browser.

The John Leitz Campsite is fully committed to making its online content accessible to all.

Access keys

If you have difficulties using a mouse you can navigate this website using certain keyboard shortcuts.
To use access keys press and hold 'Alt', select the letter/number of the access key you wish to navigate to from the list below and then press the enter key. You will then be taken to the page you need.

S - Skip navigation
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Other accessibility tools

This website has been redeveloped with accessibility as a focus.
During development the technical side of the site has been tested to ensure it is accessible. Content added has to meet accessibility guidelines such as Plain English and correctly signposted hyperlinks.
On top of these measures there are also tools that can help make the site more accessible.

Viewing the site

You can change the font size on this site by selecting the icon in the top accessibility tool bar, you can also change the text size for all web sites that you visit using your browser settings. The way to do this is slightly different depending on the browser that you use:

Further help


This site has been developed so that it can be navigated using the cursor keys and not the tab key.
The tab key will still work to jump from link to link but important information might be missed when using a screen reader.
To navigate simply use the up and down cursor keys and the screen reader will read every line including the links. Then simply press enter over a link to activate the link


If tables contain blank cells they are marked by a dash (-)


Should anybody have any problems accessing information on this site, please contact us, and we will endeavour to provide the information in an alternative format.